Anglais faux amis

Chaque jour vous envoyez des emails ou participez à des réunions en anglais. Attention voici 4 faux-amis qui peuvent vous jouer des tours !

4 words that could change a whole meaning!!!

Everyday you write emails or you attend meetings and conference calls. Here are 4 little words that are often misused and create confusion!

formation anglais à l'écrit

Do you say:

“Tow years ago my society was employing two hundred people. But actually there are two hundred and fifty employees. So eventually I propose to you to plan a team building training next month.”?

Be careful, these 4 words are fake friends!




  1. Society refers to a community of people living together and sharing values. For example, you could talk about the English society to describe the way of life in England. The correct word is company.
  2. Actually doesn’t mean today or nowadays! Actually is an adverb that means « in fact ».
  3. Eventually that doesn’t imply a possibility but the end of something like an action. For example: « He eventually decided to spend his holidays in Spain next summer! ».
  4. To propose to someone is not a suggestion. Actually, it means to ask someone to marry! You can propose something (to suggest) to your boss, but do you really want to propose to your boss??!!

Now you’re ready for your next meeting without any fear

“Two years ago my company was employing two hundred people. But today there are two hundred and fifty employees. Possibly, planning a team building training next month is an option that I suggest.”

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